Friday, February 12, 2010

Can Herpes Appear On Hip Are Herpes Blisters Always Painful Or Can They Be Painless?

Are herpes blisters always painful or can they be painless? - can herpes appear on hip

I had a single blister on the front of the hip a few years and I'm curious. It is completely painless. I also believe that the bubbles appear in cultures of genital herpes, but it can appear as a unique blister?


shadylad... said...


You can get a single blister, even if a small group more often. Generally receives one to four.

In some houses, people are very painful, for others nothing more than an ingrown hair or a grain - or not at all. I must put my bud, because mine easily and painlessly, and I invest, not otherwise.

Most cases of shingles are mild, while the vast majority of people are unaware of their infection. Often confused with one bite, one point or an ingrown hair.

If I have one, the area is very delicate - like a small grain - but no pain.

CC said...

Herpes sores can appear in a group or alone, usually the first outbreak is the worst thing is a group of painful blisters and, over time, they are less painful and less frequent. In fact, everything depends on the ability of the person who control the virus, so that each individual reacts differently. But to your question, the answer may be painless, some people who do not even know that they are defects in a wafer and an ingrown hair or skin rash, blisters, and some people have difficulty sitting is so painful.

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