Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gpsphone Cheats Pokemon Saphir How To Add Gpsphone Cheats For Pokemon?

How to add gpsphone cheats for pokemon? - gpsphone cheats pokemon saphir

Can anyone help me trompe gpSPhone either a tutorial or video please help!


GrEeM0 said...

Ok. In Gonna Take this step by step.
Make sure you are jailbroken iTouch with gpSPhone and GBA ROMs are installed.
If you have not already done SBSettings and download OpenSSH from Cydia. And download a program called WinSCP on your computer.
Want to use the Pokemon Ruby example.

The search for "Pokemon Ruby Gameshark" (or Action Replay codes) from Google.
Find the person (eg infinate master balls or other)
Open a Notepad file.
The file type on your notebook the following:
Action Replay: (including types)
PAR_v3 "Name of the case"
Add the code here trap "

For GameShark: (Again, do not type that!)
Gameshark_v3 "Name of the case"
Add the code here trap "

Well, when you're done you save the file in a memorable record (a new call gpSPhone fraud?)
Filenames such as "Pokemon Ruby". Note: The file has the same name as the ROM file gpSPhone ON! "It's calledPokémon Ruby and Sapphire Poke "name" Poke Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, or do not work!

Open Now that the archive folder (or subfolder), click the Folder Options
- In Vista, click the open folder in the Organize then Folder Options, and files. Click the View tab and then select from the list, select "Hide file extensions for known file types".
Then go to the file and click rename, change. 'Txt' a '. CHT.

Now, the file is ready, you should ssh

Open WinSCP. Then go to your iTouch iPhone / and your finger to scroll through the status bar (where it says iPod, Wi-Fi Connection icon, time, and the battery icon, etc) to open SBSettings (you can l "Use of other cool stuff too). Make sure the big lever that says that SSH is enabled. Then be careful what he says Wi-Fi IP) address (must be connected to the Internet.

The WinSCP, where it says Host Name: Enter the Wi-Fi IP address.
Then, in the type of user: root and enter the password: alpine. Leave everything blank.
Then click on Login.
It will now be able to see all iTouch too!

In the case of the iPod Touch screen (right) into WinSCP is a folder, click on the phone, then the media should be a folder that says ROMs, click that then paste the ACS. cht 'here.

GpSPhone Open and play the game, and we decided that the tips section, select the menu !!!!!! deceive

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